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Technical Information

Korean scientific research team develops a new generation of semiconductor gas sensors

The scientific research team of the Korean Institute of Production Technology has successfully developed a new generation of nano chip semiconductor gas sensors using self developed new nano materials.

Semiconductor gas sensors are widely used due to their advantages of small size, ease of use, and low cost. However, existing semiconductor gas sensors have problems of significantly reducing sensitivity and sensing quality in high temperature and humidity environments. The scientific research team solved this problem using calcium silicate. Its core technology is to fill the tin oxide nanogrid with extremely thin calcium silicate nanosheets, making a new two-dimensional nano material that can effectively adsorb water molecules in complex gas environments. Experiments have shown that this material can completely solve the moisture resistance problem of semiconductor gas sensors, and greatly improve the sensitivity and accuracy in complex gas environments. This research not only improves the performance of semiconductor gas sensors, but also develops two-dimensional nanomaterials that can play an important role in multiple fields. The research results of this project are published in the international academic journal "Journal of Hazardous Materials".