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Nvidia released ChatGPT dedicated GPU, which increased reasoning speed by 10 times

When did AI enter a decades-long bottleneck due to insufficient computing power, and GPU ignited deep learning. In the era of ChatGPT, AI once again faced the problem of insufficient computing power due to large models. Is there any way for Nvidia this time?

On March 22, the GTC conference was officially held. At the Keynote just held, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun moved out the chip prepared for ChatGPT.

"Accelerating computing is not easy. In 2012, the computer vision model AlexNet used the GeForce GTX 580, which can process 262 PetaFLOPS per second. This model triggered an explosion in AI technology," Huang Renxun said. "Ten years later, Transformer appeared, and GPT-3 used the computing power of 323 ZettaFLOPS, a million times that of AlexNet, to create ChatGPT, an AI that shocked the world. A new computing platform emerged, and the era of AI's iPhone has arrived."